Sex Stories~west Side Story~american Horror Story~ig Stories Travel Why is this ‘raw story’ on Twitter so often about a married man who is in custody?

Why is this ‘raw story’ on Twitter so often about a married man who is in custody?

This story is a bit different than most.

In the context of a marriage, it might be called an out-of-court settlement or an out of court settlement for both parties.

In this case, though, it’s a story about a couple who have been separated for years.

The couple had been married for over two decades, and at the time, both men were in custody, according to court documents.

It was only in March that the court decided that both men had been released from custody.

But this is a different story altogether.

Here’s how this story got started. 

In March of 2017, a married couple in their 70s were separated after almost a decade of marriage, according the AP. 

On March 22, 2017, the woman and man who were separated from each other got married in the courthouse. 

The couple is not identified by name in court documents, and both men are named in the filing as Paul and Peter. 

After the wedding, the couple went on to have a very different relationship with each other, according a press release from the couple’s attorney. 

According to the AP, the man “has been in and out of prison for years, but has remained devoted to his wife and family.

He was not charged with a crime in this case and was not involved in the criminal activity.” 

According the woman, “Mr. [Peter] has been the breadwinner for his family and has a job as a financial adviser.

He is a hard worker who is also dedicated to his family.” 

But this isn’t the only story about this couple that has come out.

A lot of the time when stories like this are about married couples, they’re the result of couples trying to avoid being in custody.

They get married and have children, but the couple eventually ends up in custody and the couple has to deal with both custody issues. 

And that’s just not how this case has been handled. 

For starters, the court documents don’t indicate that the couple actually decided to get married.

The AP reports that the woman said in the court filing that she had been waiting to “get married and settle down” for over a decade. 

This is why it’s important to understand how this divorce was resolved, according Braden Johnson, a senior attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), a national nonprofit that defends against abusive police tactics.

“In the context in which this is happening, the separation is the only resolution.

It’s not about the relationship, it is not about a marriage,” Johnson told Business Insider.

“The divorce was not even about whether or not you are married.

This is about who is getting custody of the children and the money, and this is the crux of this case.” 

Johnson says that the case is particularly important because of the way in which the media has covered this story. 

“This is one of those cases where the media was extremely critical of the case.

And I think this is one where it’s hard to understand the anger that some of the people in custody feel, the lack of respect for their own rights,” Johnson said. 

As the AP reports, both women were in court on Monday for their initial court hearing, which lasted more than four hours.

The hearing was scheduled for February 25. 

Here are some of their most salient arguments: “They were in a state of total, complete, total separation.

And in that state of complete, complete separation, he was completely incapable of controlling his conduct,” the woman’s attorney, Daniel Mims, said in court. 

That’s not entirely true, according in court papers. 

A few weeks after the divorce, the AP states that Peter and Paul had agreed that Peter would be in charge of the couple.

But that was before the couple had settled down. 

So the woman claimed that she was not a “dependent,” but instead “a free and independent person” with a “free will to control her conduct.” 

In court documents that were filed with the court, the two women stated that they had been “married for over 2 decades,” and that they were “failing to achieve the goals and desires of their marriage.” 

“I’m not dependent on you, I have no children.

I’m not a burden on you.

I don’t need you.

We’re not married.

We were married to each other for over 20 years.

And now we’re separated.

That’s not the way we were married. 

It is that they’ve got to live independently and be fed by their own mothers. “

And it’s not that they’re not going to have an upbringing by their parents.

It is that they’ve got to live independently and be fed by their own mothers. 

He and his wife were both divorced, but they had not yet settled down and