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Why Japan’s porn industry is killing off a beloved part of Japan

Japan is a country notorious for its porn industry, with more than a billion porn films in circulation in the country’s top 20 films and TV stations.

Porn is so popular that the industry’s biggest and most well-known star, porn star Keiko Ishiguro, is a Japanese citizen and resident of the country.

Ishigura’s films have been nominated for Academy Awards and received praise for their sensual depictions of women’s bodies and their passionate performances.

But with the rise of “adult entertainment,” the industry has been hit hard.

In April, the Japanese Ministry of Health announced that adult content consumption has hit an all-time high.

As part of the new guidelines, adult entertainment producers have been told to stop releasing new films and to stop distributing new porn content.

“The adult industry is losing a lot of customers and that’s the cause of the big decline,” said Kazunori Kawasumi, a professor of Japanese studies at Tokyo’s National Graduate University, told the AP.

“It’s the biggest cause of declining sales of porn in Japan.”

Japan has the second-highest number of porn users in the world after the United States.

The country is also home to one of the largest porn studios in the West, the Tokyo-based TBS.

According to a 2015 report by the Japan Porn Culture Association, about 10 percent of Japan’s adult movies are produced in Japan, which is a high figure considering that the country produces only about 20 percent of the world’s adult films.

It’s hard to find a Japanese adult film actor who hasn’t been approached by an actor looking to play a porn star.

In 2014, the country released the first installment of its popular anime-themed adult film series “Gokujou!” in October, but the show was met with mixed reviews.

“Gohan is not the star of the show, but she’s cute and she’s hot,” a source in the industry told the New York Times.

“And she looks really hot.

So I’m very happy with the ratings.

The problem is that people are not looking for the hot girl with a big body and the big boobs.

They want to see the hot, sexy person.”

The industry is also struggling to find new content to broadcast in Japan.

According the porn industry’s official website, TBS is the only company in Japan that can produce more than five porn movies a year, and it only produced 10 films in 2016.

This is a huge problem, said Yoshiko Okamura, the director of the porn institute at the National Graduate School.

“This means that there is less and less porn in the market, and so it’s harder to attract new viewers,” she told the Associated Press.

In addition to the high number of adult films, there are more than 30,000 pornographic websites and forums in Japan and they’re often used to share information about sex, including photos and videos.

According a 2014 report by Japan’s National Police Agency, almost 20 percent or 3.7 million people have used online chatrooms to discuss sex, and 4.5 million people used porn-related apps to watch movies and other content.

The National Police agency’s website lists “sexy” and “hot” categories of users.

The top five most popular categories of “sexxy” users include women, men, women with a sexual fetish, and girls who like to masturbate.

“We’re talking about a third of the adult population who watch porn,” Okamura said.

“In the adult industry, you have a huge market that’s struggling to keep up with demand, and if you’re not producing more porn, you’re losing customers.”

This year, the number of internet porn sites in Japan has more than doubled to more than 50,000.

The internet was used to watch porn videos for more than 90 percent of adult users last year, according to a survey conducted by the Pornhub platform.

Pornhub, a porn website that allows users to upload their own videos and films, has more users than Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify combined.

“If you’re a person who enjoys watching porn, it’s very hard to leave it,” said Takashi Nakano, a senior researcher at the Japan Society for Information Technology and Culture (JISC).

“We’ve become addicted to watching porn.

The porn industry has become an obsession.

It has become like a hobby.”

One of the most popular adult entertainment websites is Pornhub.

It is popular among Japanese men who like Japanese porn and women who enjoy Japanese porn, according the JISC.

One of Japans largest porn websites, “Mizuna-chan,” which is run by an adult actress and porn actor, is also popular among young Japanese men, according a report by The New York Daily News.

The website features dozens of videos of Japanese porn stars in various states of undress.

PornHub, which was started by a