Raw Story – Stories on spanking

A raw story on spankings has been shared on Facebook, with users sharing their own stories of abuse in the form of graphic images.

Spankings, which involve inflicting pain on an individual to elicit sexual gratification, were first introduced in Britain in the 1880s by a doctor who was a practising priest.

In the UK, spanking is still widely used in the community and it is not uncommon for young men to be punished for minor infractions of the law.

While the majority of spanking cases are committed by parents, the practice has also been used by community members who may not want to punish their children, particularly if they have been misbehaving in the past.

The raw story by writer Michaela Boulter, a teacher at the St Bartholomew’s School in Edinburgh, was shared by over 1,000 people, with many sharing their personal stories of spank-related abuse.

While some of the images depicted spanking as an effective tool to deter aggression in children, others portrayed spanking in a negative light, and were viewed as offensive and degrading.

“The majority of my students have never had a parent or a teacher discipline them,” Boulters told RTE News.

She added that many parents had been “furious” at the images and felt that their children were “not being treated fairly”.””

The images are a real reminder that there are still a lot of people out there who abuse children.”

She added that many parents had been “furious” at the images and felt that their children were “not being treated fairly”.

“Some have been so upset about it that they have posted messages on Facebook and said they will boycott their schools,” she said.

“It’s not good.”

I think some of my teachers and principals are really angry about it.

It’s a big issue.

“In one of the more graphic images posted to the page, Boulers wrote:”Some people are very angry about spanking but it’s just another tool in the toolbox for them.

“It is just another way of punishing children and I’m not going to stop using it.

I think we need to stop being so quick to judge and condemn.”

The post received nearly 400 comments and nearly 100 shares, with some users sharing graphic images of the spanking image to illustrate the abuse.

“Spankings have been in use since ancient times, but it seems that some people in society still view them as an appropriate punishment for minor offences, particularly where they are not appropriate,” Bowers said.

“So if you find a child’s behaviour upsetting, spank them.”

Another user wrote: “I am shocked and appalled at the way some people use spanking to humiliate children.”

“I’ve been spanked in the back, my arm, and the back of my hand, and I never felt sorry for it,” the user said.

Another user said that the spank was “one of the most effective tools of social control I have ever experienced”.

“I am so embarrassed to be a parent,” the poster wrote.

“There was a time when I was a parent and I did not even know that I was spanking a child.

It feels so wrong to spank a child.”

One user also commented that the practice was “an important part of our family culture” and that “it is also used by adults”.

“This is something that we should all be proud of, and not just as a parent, but as a society, she wrote.

Boulters said that while she had been criticised for the graphic images, the stories shared by the user were “a wonderful reminder that people have a right to spanking their children”.”

The raw stories are not about me, but the children who are affected by spanking,” she added.”

When I started teaching in Edinburgh schools in 2016, I had about 30 pupils who had spanked them.

I have seen a huge change in the last three years.

I do think there is room for improvement in our approach.