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How to be a job bible writer: ‘People don’t want to be bothered’

Job bible writers are finding themselves with less than a month to write the latest edition of their book.

The job bible, which is meant to help people identify the career paths they should pursue after graduation, is being circulated among job seekers through social media and email.

The job book is being published by the Career Centre and JobBrief, two job training companies, who say they have helped hundreds of job seekers by offering advice and resources on how to navigate the job market.

The JobBureau, which has partnered with Career Centre to publish the job bible since November last year, has said the job book has helped more than 6,000 job seekers gain employment.

Job seekers were able to access a job database which has helped them identify their potential career options and make the most of their opportunities, JobBinders said in a statement.

“The Job Bible is a tool to help job seekers identify their career path,” it said.

But some job seekers are not happy with the format, with JobBinder saying some have questioned whether it is a job book or a job training tool.

People don´t want to do the work and the book doesn’t help them learn, Jobbinder said.

They say it’s a job tool and a job-seeking tool, not a jobbook.

The publication of the Job Bible has been met with criticism on social media, with job seekers expressing anger that the job manual does not give them an idea of how the job can be done, including the difficulty of obtaining a job.

In the JobBinding section of the job Bible, there are a number of sections on career paths.

It is important that you understand that the Job Book is not meant to guide you through the process of finding a job or job training.

We have made this tool available so that people can share their stories and their experiences with Job Binders and other job seekers, including job seekers who have already started their careers, Job Binder said in the statement.