How to write a ghost story

As many as 5,000 people are believed to be living in the woods outside of Portland, Oregon, according to the Portland Police Department.

The city’s parks department and FBI have been investigating for several years the disappearance of two men who vanished in late August.

The two were believed to have left the area for a night in order to check out a local haunted house.

A man believed to belong to the Ghost House Haunted House and a woman believed to work at the park were arrested.

The park’s owner has since said he’s investigating the disappearance as a missing persons case.

The pair disappeared at around 10:30 p.m. on August 15 and were last seen leaving the Haunted House with two women in a white pickup truck.

The truck’s license plate was found in the snow near the parking lot, but the men’s car was not found.

The Oregon Department of Transportation, which oversees the state’s parks, said the search was underway for the men and the women, and no one has been found.

A Facebook page called “ghost story” has been set up in their honor.

The page features more than 30 ghost stories and the most popular is titled “How to write an old ghost story.”

The page has more than 4,000 likes and the ghost stories section has more over 1,700 likes.

One story, “A ghost’s a ghost, a ghost’s the ghost,” has more views than all the other pages combined.

In one story, a young man asks a ghost what she’s doing in his room after she disappears.

The ghost says, “Nothing’s changed.”

Another story, titled “The Last Man,” features a ghost who’s been missing for more than two weeks.

The man says, I need a ride home.

The woman replies, I don’t know what’s up.

The post has more comments than any other page on the page.

“I’ve read that ghost stories are the most difficult to write,” says one commenter.

“How can you write a story like that?”

“I can’t think of a better way to say this,” says another.

“When you’re a ghost writer you have to put in all the work, but you don’t have to worry about it,” said a third.

“You just put your heart and soul into it.

This story is about one of those nights.”

The woman who wrote the post told The Associated Press she hopes other ghost stories can be written, and the man said he hopes to one day write his own.

The AP tried to reach out to the man and the woman who set up the Facebook page, but neither answered our calls.