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How to watch golf’s best moments and highlights on the golf course

A golfer might take an unusual course to avoid hitting a green, but that’s just the start.

Here are a few of the most memorable moments from the 2016 PGA Tour season.

The Best of the Year: Day one: The Ryder Cup.

This was the year that started a revolution, and the Ryder Cup became the most watched event on television.

A lot of players made the cut, including the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

Day two: The U.S. Open.

This tournament was an absolute barnburner, but one of the best moments was the Ryder Classic.

The course was so short and the crowds were so packed that it made the entire event look like a picnic.

The day was the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the U.s.

Open, with the event marking the 20th anniversary since it first opened in 1995.

The World’s Biggest Tournament: The Australian Open.

It was the best week of the PGA TOUR’s first decade, and even better was that it was held in Australia.

With a crowd of nearly 2 million, the PGEA Tour had a perfect day to celebrate.

Day three: The BMW Championship.

After years of rumors that it would be a golf event of the year, this was the first year that the BMW Championship was actually a regular PGA tour event.

The tournament had its share of great moments, including Tiger Woods’ fourth-round eagle.

Day four: The Farmers Insurance Open.

The event was held on the back fields of the Farmers Insurance Park, where it drew more than 2 million fans.

It’s one of only a few events in the golf industry where golfers can actually hit a green without hurting their health.

Day five: The European Open.

On its way to a record-breaking second year in a row, the European Open was a very entertaining tournament.

Players made the cuts and players on the fence, but it was still the first time the PPGC had hosted the tournament.

It also became the first PGA event to feature the Porsches’ new logo.

Day six: The PGA Championship.

There were a lot of great days for the PGC and a lot to love in this event.

For a first-time tournament, the action was fast and furious.

Golfers made the Cut and fans were treated to a spectacular event that was also live-streamed on Twitter.

Day seven: The FedEx Cup.

The FedEx Carriers Cup is the most expensive event in golf, with nearly $30 million in prize money.

It had its fair share of drama, but the biggest moment of the day was a playoff between Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Jordan Spieth, and Bubba Watson.

Day eight: The Masters Tournament.

The Masters of Golf was the last PGA title tournament before the U-turn for the Ryder Cups.

The field of contenders included Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Tom Watson, and Rory McDaniel.

Day nine: The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

This event was the most anticipated in the PGS, and was a huge success, drawing an estimated 1.5 million people to the streets of New York City.

It brought together the most celebrated singers and musicians of all time, including Tony Bennett, Billie Holiday, and John Legend.

Day 10: The Honda Classic.

This year’s Honda Classic was the PPL’s most anticipated golf event and the best of the entire year.

The PPG Caddies, along with some of the top players in the world, were on the green, with Tiger Woods taking the lead with his eagle.

The entire field made the PSA World Tour and was on their best behavior.

Day 11: The Mercedes-Benz Open.

Another huge event, the Mercedes-Bimmer Open, was a great showcase of the new Mercedes-branded vehicles, as well as the PGH and PGA tours.

The cars had their best days as well, with many of the drivers earning the honor of the Most Valuable Driver award.

Day 12: The Women’s U.K. Open Championship.

This weekend’s U-Turn was one of many events for the UK Women’s Open.

In the lead up to the tournament, fans and celebrities were given free access to the course, and this was a perfect time to celebrate a lot.

Day 13: The British Open.

Fans from all over the world were in attendance, and it was a historic moment.

The U-turned was a massive success, with players like David Beckham and Serena Williams earning the PPSC’s Most Valued Player award.

The Women won their second title, and David Beckham was named Most Valuated player.

Day 14: The Open Championship presented by Kohl’s.

This big event was one for the ages.

The men’s and women’s tournaments were packed, with a lot going on.

The big winner of the event was Tiger Woods.

The two best players from each event, Justin