How to be a hot wife story lyricist

HOT WIFE STORY LYRICS Hot Wife Story lyrics: I don’t wanna hear the words, but I do want to hear the song.

I just wanna hear it, man.

It’s gonna make you wanna dance, man, and I want to dance with you.

I don, I just want to feel your body, man!

Just like the night before.

Just like that.

(Lyrics) I just got some music to go with the house and the movie.

I wanna be with you, man—I’m gonna dance with ya, baby.

(Song) Just like when I woke up the first time, man: ‘Cause I wanna dance with y’all.

You’re just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I love you, baby, I love y’alls face.

And I just need to be with ya.

I’m not just looking for love, I’m looking for a friend, baby; I want a real friend, I wanna have you as my friend.

And when you see me on the dance floor, I feel like I’m just a little bit out of control.

(Takes a sip from bottle) I’m going to take a sip, man; I gotta make sure that’s in the glass, because I’m gonna give you one last shot.

I gotta take it all the way.

I’ll be on your side when you’re ready to dance.

And if you’re gonna do it, I’ll take the shot.

(Singing) I wanna make you smile, man man, I can’t be the first one to see you like this.

I can feel it.

I know you’re waiting for me.

I think it’s gonna be a little rough.

(Chorus) It’s like I’ve never seen ya in my whole life, baby!

(Chanting) That was one hell of a day.

But you know, I gotta tell ya, man?

I gotta get a couple more drinks and a couple of more shots, so I can take that last shot, and we’re gonna dance together.

I was gonna say, but, but that’s gonna hurt.

You can do whatever you wanna do, baby—you can dance, you can sing, you’ll do whatever it takes to make me feel good.

I got everything I need.

I feel good right now, man and I don`t want to lose you, because you know what?

You’re a beautiful, beautiful woman.

You make me so happy when you dance.

(Laughs) You know what I’m saying?

You know, you know me?

I’m a very emotional person.

You know?

So I know I can get emotional.

And so can you, but it will be different for everybody.

You’ll know how it feels, baby because you’ll know when you go to bed, you’re going to wake up, you’ve been there.

And you’re in my bed.

And all you got to do is be ready to feel it and cry.

You gotta cry and make me cry.

(Pause) But, you just gotta feel it, baby boy.

It doesn’t matter what I say to you.

You just gotta cry.

It will happen for me when I feel it in my heart.

I ain’t gonna give up, baby: You know I’m doing it for you, I am doing it.

You ain’t getting no pity, baby girl.

You got me in my head.

And my dreams are real.

(Giggles) You better be ready because you’re coming for me, baby and you’re about to get your revenge.

I`m gonna have my revenge, baby man.

And don’t think I won’t have my vengeance on you.

Don’t think that I won`t have it.

(Pause) I know that I’ve been hurt, but you know?

It`ll be alright.

It`s gonna be alright, baby son.

You will have it done.

And it`s up to you to make sure you do it right.

You wanna know what`s happening?

You gonna make me happy, son?

I wanna do what I`ve been doing and that`s the way I do it.

And that`ll help me be a better man, son.

And your mom is going to be proud.

You won` t get no pity.

You are gonna have it in your heart, son, because that` ll make you a better father.

(Sound of door closing)