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My Love Story Bible: A Film for the Holidays

By David W. Dames, M.D. The holiday season has been called the year of the baby.

But in the past year, I have noticed a strange phenomenon.

Some of my patients and friends have been asking for a Christmas story bible. 

My first instinct is to say no, but then I remember that I have a very special and sensitive audience, and that this is the year for storytelling.

And so, for Christmas Day, I am offering this holiday gift to all my readers.

It is a story bible, complete with Christmas-themed cards, presents, and even a set of instructions for making your own. 

It’s a book for anyone, anyone, to read and share with their loved ones and friends.

But it’s not a Christmas book.

It’s a story book for everyone.

I hope that people who find this book will discover its true meaning and the power of story, the joy of storytelling, and the wonder of Christmas. 

This story bible is a perfect gift for any Christian family.

It will give a gift of peace and comfort to a loved one or a friend.

It can be used by anyone to share stories with friends and family.

I also think that it will help people discover the power and joy of Christmas in their own lives.

In my book, I give a list of things you can do this holiday season to give Christmas a new life, like reading, shopping, spending time with family, and more. 

You can find the story bible here: A Story Bible for All.

This book is the story of my life.

My family has always wanted to be able to celebrate Christmas together.

I had my first family Christmas at age 9.

I grew up hearing the stories of the people in my neighborhood and being a part of those traditions.

I always wanted my family to have a special Christmas, one I could share with them and my parents. 

When I was a young girl, my mom gave me the story book The Story of Christmas for a friend, a few years ago.

It was a book that I would never forget and a gift I always thought would make a great Christmas gift.

I was also given a copy of a book I had read years earlier called The Storybook of the Little Girl who Could not Go to Christmas with her Mother.

I could not read that book, so I bought it and put it in my house.

When my mom told me that she had read the book and wanted to share it with me, I said I would make the storybook for her.

I didn’t know it was for me. 

As my parents and I began celebrating Christmas with the family, I felt more and more like my family and I would be in a special place for a long time. 

In the middle of the holidays, I began reading my favorite Christmas book, The Story Book of the Young Girl Who Could not go to Christmas With Her Mother.

She was a tiny little girl who could not go and meet her friends. 

She had been taken to her mother’s cabin and left to die in the snow.

But when she came back home, her mother was gone. 

That storybook was my way of showing her that she could be a part in the story.

I started writing stories for my own family and friends about the little girl, and how I was able to share my story with them. 

I felt a lot of joy in reading those stories.

They were my way to let them know that they had a part to play in my family’s Christmas.

And that they could have something special to share with my family this year. 

After reading The Story book of the little kid, I started sharing stories about my own childhood with friends, family, strangers, and my own sister.

One Christmas, I read a story about a boy who got into trouble at school for stealing candy and was bullied by his classmates.

I felt so happy to share this story. 

Then, the next Christmas, my friend and I were in the middle to celebrate our first Christmas.

I went to my room and read my favorite storybook, The storybook of a little girl.

I cried, because it was so important to me to share that story.

As I was reading, I was thinking of all the things I loved most about my childhood, including the memories of my mom and her friends and my brother and sister.

I read about the boys who always tried to help their friends, and their efforts to keep me safe.

I learned about the great adventures they had, and they always gave me so much of their time.

I loved that storybook because it gave me hope for my family. 

The next Christmas was a special one.

We celebrated Christmas together and my mother and I spent the day together in our home. 

One of my favorite moments of the day was reading The story book of a girl who was bullied at school by her