A man shares his love story with a game

Posted February 07, 2018 08:48:31 When Josh Zemel came to the grocery store one day to buy milk, he noticed the price tag on a box.

He didn’t know what it was, so he asked the clerk for directions.

The clerk told him it was an adult story game called “The Raw Story,” but Josh knew better.

He decided to buy it, and it quickly became his favorite game.

So it was no surprise that he soon became an adult reader.

Zemell is a husband and father who grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and is a regular contributor to the “The Daily Dose” column.

He says his favorite story is a story he read as a child, a boy on a camping trip in Montana.

The boy, he says, told the story of his parents, who were killed by a coyote while camping on a ranch.

He said his dad was killed by the coyote, and his mom by a bear.

That story is one of the many stories Zemels love stories.

Now, as a writer and editor, he has published more than 100 books, including the memoir “Tales of the Great Depression.”

His latest novel is “Maggie the Goat,” which is set in the same Montana town.

“When I’m not writing, I love to sit in my house, read, and watch TV and go to movies,” Zemelson says.

He thinks he knows why his favorite stories are so popular.

“People think of ‘gossip,’ but what they actually love about ‘The Raw’ is that you can’t just sit there and wait for it to happen,” he says.

The story “The Wild,” about a wild goat that finds love in a woman who is a farmer’s daughter, is the book that Zemelin wrote the most.

The title says it all.

The book tells the story, says Zemeling, of how the wild goat’s name, Maggie, has been passed down to her descendants.

“It’s the wildest and wildest thing,” he said.

“Mama was an amazing woman, and the wild thing is, she loved the world.”

Zemelman says he thinks of the book in the moment when he reads it.

It’s not the way you normally read it, he said, but it still has that magic.

“That’s what makes it so fun to write about, to get it right,” he adds.

Zemael’s wife, Rachel, also enjoys “The Young Adult” series.

She and their two children are fans of the series.

Rachel says she was always interested in reading the book when she was younger, but she didn’t find much enjoyment in it until her son was about 3.

“I started getting a lot more interested in it,” she says.

“Now that I’ve been in the workforce for almost five years, I’m just getting to it.”

Zemaels children have grown up reading “The Greenhorn Girl,” which they like because it’s not a story about the death of a girl, but instead about a woman.

“The way I see it, the Greenhorn is about a great woman, but her life is just about what she wants,” Zemaelson says, laughing.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think the story is about that woman’s life.

It doesn’t say anything about the man.

And she’s very self-centered.”

Zemsel’s youngest child, who is now 12, loves the series and has been reading it since he was about 2.

“She loves it.

I love it.

That’s why I write the book,” Zemsell says.

As for what he misses most about the book, he laughs.

“All the things that are really good in life are there.

The food is there, the music is there.

Everything is there,” he laughs, adding that he can’t imagine a world without “The New York Times” or “The Huffington Post.”

“I love being able to put the book down, to put it away, and go, ‘I’m going to go read this,’ ” he says with a chuckle.

“But I can’t do that anymore.”

Zemeels book is being published by Viking Penguin in the U.S. on Feb. 12.

“A New Yorker” by Robert De Niro, “A Hard Day’s Night” by Woody Allen and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Billy Wilder are also among the titles that will be available in the paperback edition.

You can follow all the latest “The Dose,” including all the “Maddie the goat” and “Mags” stories, on the “Daily Dose.”

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