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When a baby is born in Spain, it can be the first thing anyone notices

By JANIE A. SANDERS(Reuters) – A baby can be an unexpected shock to the family in Spain if a pregnant woman is not careful.

The unexpected birth has made headlines in Spain in recent months after two mothers were charged with manslaughter for the deaths of their two young daughters.

In August, the state prosecutor’s office charged two mothers with manslaughter over the deaths in the northern Spanish city of San Cristobal, after one mother, a nurse, was accused of neglecting her daughter during labor and neglecting the other.

The women were both on maternity leave.

The case was one of the most publicized cases of mothers failing to provide care for their children in Spain.

In the two deaths, one of them the cause of death, the baby had been in the incubator for just hours before the baby died.

The other, a 5-year-old girl, died on a hospital floor the same day as the mother.

The babies’ parents are due in court next week.

A lawyer for the parents, Josep Manuel Alves, said the couple had been given the wrong diagnosis and that they were both at fault.

The state prosecutor, Maria C. de Oliveira, said it was a case of neglect, and the two mothers could face a jail sentence of up to six months.

In March, a woman in Barcelona who delivered a baby while on maternity leaves was jailed for 12 months after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Last month, a mother in the southern city of Malaga was sentenced to two years in prison for killing her newborn daughter in October.

The baby’s mother was charged with homicide and the mother’s boyfriend, a taxi driver, was sentenced in March to two months in prison.