How kids love the job bible

As part of its celebration of the “life-changing” job bible, the BBC has published a collection of stories from the children’s bible.

The stories are narrated by an actor, and include stories from children about jobs, life in a family, and more.

The book is titled The Job Bible: Adventures with the Future of Work and the Future Jobs for Kids, and it will be released in March.

The first story, written by an 11-year-old boy, reads: “When I was about four years old, I was told to take a job.

I remember going to work in a factory and being given a job in a very small section, but they said they didn’t have enough people to do the jobs, so I had to do it myself.”

It ends with this quote: “I’m a full-time job and I can’t wait to get home.”

The BBC has said it is also launching an app that allows young people to search for jobs and learn about the job market.

“We know the role of the job in shaping young people’s lives,” said BBC chief executive Andrew Gilligan.

“That is why we’re taking this job bible app and expanding its reach into kids’ education and the workplace.”