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When did Disney take over the Christmas toy market?

Posted December 15, 2019 07:18:38Disney has bought into the Christmas market with its new line of Christmas themed toys.

The company has sold over 200 million toys and has also expanded its holiday line of toys, including Disney’s own Frozen and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The toys include the popular Ariel dolls, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Snow White dolls, the Disney Junior, Winnies and a new Frozen movie line.

It also sells more than 100,000 Mickey Mouse toys and a number of Disney-themed Marvel-themed toys including the Avengers.

The move comes after the Disney-owned toy market took a hit in 2019 due to a decline in popularity and increased competition from other brands such as LEGO, Marvel and Lego.

A new generation of kids are becoming fans of Disney’s Christmas themed products, with more than 40 per cent of children aged eight to 12 now liking the toys.

Disney’s holiday line has sold more than 200 million toy and has even expanded its family-friendly line, including its own Frozen line.