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How to cure sissy syndrome: A new therapy

The word “sissy” has come to mean a person who is “too feminine”.

A new medical therapy can help you understand why you are feeling this way.

It is called The Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) Treatment. 

The first step in this treatment is understanding why you feel this way and to learn what triggers your condition. 

To get the most benefit out of this therapy, you need to understand your condition and what makes you feel the way you do. 

It’s also important to know how you can treat your condition so you are able to take advantage of treatment opportunities and progress. 

There are several ways you can start treatment. 

You can try the following treatments: A. The Body Dymorphic Treatment (BDT) is a treatment designed to help you learn about the underlying causes of your condition: a.

What triggers your moods. 

This is the first step of the treatment.

To help you better understand the cause, the BDT focuses on the symptoms that make you feel “squeaky” or “bumpy”. 

The symptoms you experience include: mood swings