How to buy bitcoins in Spain

An article published on Thursday in Spanish newspaper El Pais highlights how to buy the cryptocurrency bitcoin in Spain.

According to the article, users can buy bitcoin on the Internet through bitcoin exchanges like Coinbase.

However, this method is more complicated than buying bitcoin through the official Spanish banks, as the process requires them to establish a separate account with the relevant bank.

The article also highlights the fact that the Spanish authorities have not issued any official guidelines for bitcoin transactions in Spain, making it impossible for people to buy and sell bitcoins in a transparent manner.

The Spanish government is also not allowing users to transact in bitcoin in a manner that would require a license to do so, as this would have to be issued by a tax authority.

According the article the Spanish government does not currently regulate bitcoin exchanges in the country, and instead only allows them to operate in accordance with the regulations issued by the Spanish tax authority and the National Bank of Spain (BNS).

This means that users of bitcoin can buy and trade bitcoins without a license, and with no legal authorization.

In contrast, users of cryptocurrency exchanges in Spain have a higher legal requirement for permission to transact, as they must first obtain a license from the Tax Authority of Spain and the BNS.

For the time being, Spanish bitcoin users are able to buy bitcoin using the official online platform Coinbase, which offers a free initial bitcoin wallet, but the Spanish bank Santander does not offer the same service to users, according to El País.

According a report by Reuters, the Spanish Government has issued a warning to its citizens to not use online platforms to purchase bitcoins, and that they should only use the official websites to buy or sell bitcoins.