How to Make a Forky Toy Story

I love Forky Toys, their adorable little fork toys.

I have two of them and I use them to make a lot of fun and different things.

One of them is called The Funky Toy.

The Funkys are the perfect toys for the kids in my family, as they have fun and make a fun, different toy.

If you want a fun toy, I have a great one for you.

If your kids don’t like to play with toys, I can make them something else with this fun toy for you to enjoy.

It’s a fun and simple fork toy that can be made in a few minutes and it can be a great Christmas gift for kids.

I hope you like this fork toy because I made it for you too!

If you make this Forky toy, share it with your friends, family and loved ones.

If they want it, they can make it for themselves!

Happy Forky making!