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Which lyrics do you think are the craziest?

Crazy story lyrics can be a good source of inspiration for your own lyrics, as they are usually related to the idea of the crazy story itself.

You might find that you have the lyrics for the story, but the story itself is still missing a part.

This can be an issue if you have no idea how the lyrics relate to the main plot of the song.

Or, if the lyrics seem to be telling you to write a story in the first place.

There are many examples of lyrics that can be very funny, or have a great hook, or are just good storytelling.

The lyrics can also be a great source of information about the story and how it relates to the lyrics, such as where the story takes place, how it is set, and what happens to the characters.

The most common type of lyrics are for stories that have a “bizarre twist”, such as a monster, supernatural creature, or magical object.

This is because the lyrics can usually be very entertaining, but also very challenging to write.

The more the song progresses, the more difficult it becomes to keep the lyrics interesting, so keep in mind the lyrics you write and how you use them in your songs.

If you have a lot of lyrics, you can write them all in one go, and then you can use the lyrics to tell the story or build up a character.

You can also write them to tell a story, or create a character for a song.

These lyrics may also be useful to write lyrics for other kinds of music.

The songs you choose for the crazy stories will probably have a more eclectic sound than you are used to.

For example, if you want to write some weird songs that are not typical for a classic rock song, you may want to take a look at the classic rock classics, or a different type of music that you are interested in.

The song may have a very simple or hard-to-play-through-music arrangement, and the lyrics might also be very specific or repetitive.

A great way to find out how your songs will sound in different styles is to play them on a piano, or to play one in your head and record it.

You will be surprised how much your lyrics and songs sound the same, whether they are about the same characters, the same location, or different characters.

Try different types of instruments and instruments that you find yourself enjoying playing and find the ones that you can find your voice in.

This may be particularly useful if you write a song for a TV show, movie, or television series.

A good way to discover your songwriting voice is to record your songs in your own room or in your living room, or listen to them in a recording studio.

Another great way is to listen to your own music while you write your lyrics.

This will make you more creative, and also will help you keep your lyrics fresh and exciting.

A songwriting guide can also help you to create more of your own content and give you tips and tricks for writing songs.