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NFL fans celebrate a funny short story that goes viral

The Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns are playing in the NFC championship game.

That’s good news for Minnesota Vikings fans, who can now get their football fix from their favorite football team.

A funny short collection of short stories by NFL writers has been trending on Facebook over the past few days, and is one of the most popular stories on the page.

Some of the funniest ones have been posted by ESPN’s Jim Trotter and others by the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.

The stories include a story from the 2013 Super Bowl about an ESPN writer who writes a funny story about how he met a girl who liked sports and decided to take up basketball.

Another one from last year features a story about a reporter who was interviewing a guy for an article and got into an argument with him, resulting in the reporter being fired.

Other stories include one that includes a story by the NFL’s VP of digital content and one about a story where a team is trying to get a player to retire and get a team name changed.

One of the best ones, according to Trotters account, is a story written by ESPN writer Joe Person.

In a recent article, Person wrote a short story about his first visit to a new place and the story he found was about a sports bar.

It went viral on Facebook.

The team didn’t like what they found and decided it would be funny if Person wrote an article about the sports bar he found.

Person wrote his own story about that.

“It’s funny,” Person told ESPN’s Mike Florio.

“It’s hilarious.

I just thought it would go viral and I didn’t expect it to be this big.”

The team’s response was to make it an official ESPN story, which prompted some more funny stories from people all over the internet.

It’s also a good sign for the Vikings, who are trying to win a Super Bowl after they blew their chance in the AFC Championship Game with the Cleveland Browns last year.